'n Waardegedrewe skool

HSDA is ‘n waardegedrewe skool. Elke leerder poog om hierdie waardes ywerig en met entoesiasme uit te leef.

  • H

    Definisie: Ywerigheid by die skool; nie ledig of lui nie.

    ‘n HARDWERKENDE persoon: doen sy/haar plig, is selfbeheersd, kies ‘n positiewe houding, strewe na uitnemendheid, stel ‘n goeie voorbeeld, en beplan en stel doelwitte
  • S

    Definition: Confidence in oneself; proud of your own personality.

    A person with SELF-RESPECT: recognizes individual differences, listens carefully, has respect for others, resolves conflict without violence, has good manners and respects the rights of others.
  • D

    Definisie: Vermoë om vol te hou met ‘n saak, om deur te druk totdat iets uitgevoer is.

    ‘n Persoon met DEURSETTINGSVERMOË: het moed, het wilskrag, stel doelwitte op, is standvastig, fokus en presteer.
  • A

    Definition: A strong desire to do or achieve something for the sake of honour and respect. A strong desire and determination to achieve success.

    A person with AMBITION: works hard, is very curious and wants to learn, never gives up, likes networking with other people, is creative, takes responsibility, responds immediately and lives the moment.
Prospektus / Prospectus

Brief van die skoolhoof


DE AAR HIGH SCHOOL appreciates your enquiry for admission of your child. We believe that we will provide you with enough evidence to make a well –thought through decision… DE AAR HIGH SCHOOL is the one!

For the past 95 years, De Aar High School provided good qualified and happy learners, who became responsible and successful adults with an excellent value system. We have the ability to develop and strengthen potential, if given a chance to do that.

HSDA se leuse, Qui petet inveniet, beteken:
Wie soek sal vind.

Ons mik altyd hoër by HSDA en soek terreine waarop ons nog beter kan presteer.

HSDA is ‘n sterk, lewenskragtige skool. Ons laat ons nie onderkry deur die feit dat ons ’n plattelandse hoërskool is, en boonop geografies buite stedelike gebiede geleë is nie. Ons het inderwaarheid vanjaar, soos ander jare, baie stadskole stof in die oë geskop op sport, kultuur en akademiese gebied.

Jaarliks presteer HSDA uitstekend met prestasies op plaaslik, provinsiale en ook nasionale vlak.

De Aar High School does not have to stand back for any other school. We always aim higher and higher! We have the ability to take you higher with us. We invite you to accept it.

Vriendelike groete

Meneer Johan Koen

Ons Visie

A leading multi-cultural and dual-medium educational institution of excellence, that provides education of a Christian nature to equip young people to be assertive in all sectors of the South African society.

’n Toonaangewende multikulturele en dubbel medium onderwysinstelling van uitnemendheid wat opvoedende onderrig met Christelike waardes lewer, en jongmense toerus om verantwoordelik te wees in alle sektore van die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing.

Ons Missie

The top school in the province, with a strong shared ethical value system which attracts learners through our ability to be inclusive while equipping them with both academic and healthy life principles, in order to step into the professional world effectively. We attain this through innovative problemsolving and improvisation and co-operation of all the stakeholders.

Om dié topskool in die provinsie te wees met ‘n sterk waardesisteem wat leerders lok deur ons vermoë om op ‘n inklusiewe basis, ons leerders holisties te ontwikkel, om sodoende effektief tot die volwasse beroepswêreld toe te tree. Ons doen dit deur innoverende probleemoplossing met die samewerking van alle belanghebbendes.


February 2021

Dear Sponsor/Supporter/Help/Alumni

KAROO FESTIVAL: Made possible by GWK and KÿTO: 18 – 20 March 2021

De Aar High School Parent trust, who annually presents the Karoo festival, made possible by GWK and Kÿto, is sincerely grateful to each and every one who contributed in any way to the festival, over the past 14 years. However, the De Aar High School Parent Trust has a responsibility towards each of you, as our positive, loyal supporters, to host a safe festival and present a positive environment, wherein you as our loyal sponsors, supporters and assistants have the maximum exposure. Currently, we as festival committee cannot guarantee this and thus cannot commit to this huge responsibility, in these very uncertain times. Therefore, since we definitely do not want to expose you to anything hazardous to put your health or the health of your loved ones in jeopardy, we have decided to cancel the 15th Karoo festival. We can assure you this decision was not taken light heartedly, but the health and well-being of all involved, is non-negotiable.

Our loyal sponsors have most probably also suffered from challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and faced loss of income in the past year. The year before, our farmers suffered due to drought, however we still managed to provide maximum exposure, during the festival, irrespective of whether they could contribute. Thus, if there are any sponsors who budgeted for this and are willing to contribute or sponsor in any manner to the Karoo festival: Made possible by GWK and Kÿto, we would gladly and gratefully accept and promise to acknowledge them.

To all our alumni, especially those groups who already had plans; take our word that we are deeply disappointed to bring this news. We promise to incorporate your year groups in double-reunions, i.e.: The 1s and 2s (1961 and 1962, 1971 and 1972, 1981 and 1982, 1991 and 1992, 2001 and 2002, 2011 and 2012). All the 5s in between, most welcome! If current circumstances drastically change during 2021, and your group unanimously feel to celebrate your reunion this year, feel free to contact the school. We will gladly assist you, as far as possible. All money received and visible on our records, will be refunded to you. Please supply us with your bank details. We can assure you that the reunion groups will go big, in 2022.

To all our most loyal supporters who annually present and attend Karoo festival made possible by GWK and Kÿto, we sincerely apologize. Save your money for 2022. We will not disappoint you.

Finally, to all stall holders, who became a part of our De Aar family, we do not take your visitations to De Aar, for granted. Please come join again next year! If you have already made any payments/ deposits, you will be returned.

Karoo festival made possible by GWK and Kÿto: We trust to welcome each of you in 2022.

Festival greetings!

Johan Koen